Father Charlie hosts Scout Saturday mass, pizza party, sledding, and Nerf gun battle

On Saturday, February 13, Father Charlie hosted our annual Scout Saturday event at the Historic St. Joseph’s Church, which has graciously sponsored our Scout pack since its inception in 1993.

During the 5 PM mass, Scouts from Pack 12 and Troop 12 served on the altar, performed the readings, did the offertory collections, and brought up the gifts. Father Charlie was sure to highlight the Scouts and their participation during his homily.

After the mass, Father Charlie treated the Scouts to pizza from Domino’s Pizza. The Scouts then enjoyed sledding on the hill behind the church. They also had an epic Nerf gun battle in the field by the church hall.

In total, we had 8 Scouts from Troop 12 and 17 Scouts from Pack 12 participate – that’s 25 total Scouts! In addition, a good number of siblings and parents attended and participated, too. Everyone had a great time.

Father Charlie with the Scout altar servers before mass.
Father Charlie addresses the Scouts before mass.
Father Charlie with the Scouts on the hill.
Father Charlie huddles the Scouts in preparation for the Nerf gun battle.
Ready for battle!
Using a sled as a shied from all the incoming Nerf bullets!
Sledding fun!
There’s no such thing as bad weather!
Good times on the sledding hill!
We are a family pack, so siblings are always welcome to attend all events!

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